Tattoo Transfer Printer Machine
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  • ✔PROFESSIONAL TATTOO TRANSFER COPIER --- There are several buttons/ keys for different functions, you can choose the copy methods, deepness etc, which is very convenient and functional. Two light indicators, power light shows when the machine starts working, error light shows something wrong on the machine, such as the TPH is overheating
  • ✔FEATURES --- Our tattoo transfer copier is suitable for printing tattoo transfer printing paper and thermal paper and the suitable paper size is A4 and B5, which provides fast printing speed, little noisy sound
  • ✔HIGH QUALITY --- Tattoo transfer copier is made of ABS material, which is environmental, safe and durable for long term use. Lightweight, simple, reliable copier that will make your life easier
  • ✔A GOOD HELPER FOR TATTOO ARTIST --- High quality tattoo transfer machine is designed for normal tattoo paper and photo copy, providing fast and effective transfer printing, specially for the document paper or photo with complicated patterns. It's truly a good helper for the tattoo artist
  • ✔DURABLE --- This copier is created specifically for the tattoo artist. Unlike other copier machines, you won't have to bother with messy light bulbs or belts that often need to be replaced
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